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  1. Hi..
    Gotta query how do we know in what mode my net connection is in? Bridge mode or pppoe mode while setting up net connection in XP i took pppoe mode i guess 2nd option whinch is reffered to pppoe

    wat i am doing is i will disconnect my connection at the time when i go to sleep.. i will put my computer in standby.. i will use auto power on and shut down software to power on at 2:12 , at 2:14 i will schedule to launch connection , again at 2:15 i will schedule to disconnect..
    then again i will launch the connection at 2:17 automatically using this software then launch utorrent at 2:20.. i will schedule to disconnect at 7:45 and then schedule to shut down the system at 7:47.. this is the procedure i am doing for 10 days.. is it ok..

    I am not got charged this way
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