There were lots of speculations and fanfares about Google Phone. Some thought it was just a rumor while others believed that Google would really launch a phone equipped with some superb features in them. Google maps were already there in some phones from brands like Sony and Samsung, now they have collaborated with the Taiwan based HTC mobile phone manufacturer to launch their next generation phone called Google Phone or GI.

The phone was first launched in the United States on October 22 by the HTC on TMobile Network. This is the first ever phone to boast of the Google Android software, created by a Google-led consortium. The phone has received accolades from millions out there. The phone is packed with all the features which a user would feel the need of. The phone has always something new to discover in it. Whether it is a matter of communication, entertainment or web access, the phone never makes you feel low.

The multitasking phone is equipped with features like powerful media player, browsing artist list, one click access to web and one click ordering to Amazon, great features compared to i-phones, contacts, instant messaging, search for actions, resizable box, slider open to reveal the QWERTY keyboard and large screen display. The look of the phone would appeal you. Since it is a collaborative effort of two intelligent associations HTC and Google, the phone is a superb example of engineering and style.

Though there are critics to this phone who said that the phone has very little things to offer, yet the looks, the features, the high resolution large screen, multi touch gesture support, high capacity of storage and powerful Operating System provides something new to users. The phone lacks in one area. It fails to connect to corporate email servers which would ruin its reputation.