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Setting up MTNL connection

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    Talking Setting up MTNL connection

    Ok guys, I guess you must be viewing this question for the umpteenth time, but the problem is so frustrating. I had no choice.

    The lineman who had come to set up the connection had warned us that the ADSL modem and splitter should be connected to the main line (which is in the living room) and not to the parallel lines (2 each in the study and in the bedroom).

    But I have set up my PC in the study. and I have setup the ADSL modem through the pararell line. The following problems are expectedly encountered.

    1) S!H!I!T speed
    2) Blinking ADSL lights in the modem
    3) Can't use the phone and the net at the same time (even though the splitter is connected) because of static noise.

    So now my question is.

    1) If i connect a ADSL 2 WIRELESS modem at the main line itself and put the receiver in my computer then will it work correctly (coz then i need to buy it, which i think is not very cheap)?
    2) Are wireless modems safe to use?

    Also are there any broadband services apart from MTNL in Dahisar West area?

    Any help is appreciated.
    Debayan Banerjee

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    yep.. you should connect it to the main line

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