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My Internet keeps disconnect/connecting every 5 minutes

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    Unhappy My Internet keeps disconnect/connecting every 5 minutes


    I have an unlimited 512 kbps MTNL broadband connection Mumbai. Since the past one month my internet connection automatically keeps disconnecting/connecting every 5 minutes. i have made end number of calls to customer care . MTNL says they'll send a repairman over but they never do.

    Even called up 1504 did troublehooting twice but till the problem remains the same.

    My Modem/Router details are as follows :-

    Sterlite SAM300AX - 8ACZ123641 - 10/2008.

    Please Help !!!!

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    similar modem.
    Check dsl settings and select GDMT. .
    report snr attn data..

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    The problem is usually because:

    a) the splitter is absent in the circuit or there are parallel telephone lines before the splitter; the splitter must split the data and voice line at the first entry point into the house. Check this article: Basic Broadband Guide

    b) low signal to noise ratio; check this article: SNR Margin and Line Attenuation - What do they mean?

    Check the link in the reply above by essbebe.
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    Even I had this problem for 2-3 days a few days back and I changed it to GDMT, ADSL and ADSL2+ but that didnt make any difference and the issue remained the same. Earlier though it was set to Auto when I received the pre-configured router from MTNL though I changed and tried all the different combinations and it would still disconnect after a few minutes.

    Check the SNR and Line Attenuation? What are the values?
    Check the cables are they properly plugged in and check the cable from your home to the junction box also check if there are a lot of joints in the cable as that also hampers performance.
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