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help!! port forwarding with a wifi connection..

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    Default help!! port forwarding with a wifi connection..


    i'm pretty new to the broadband config scene and have been breaking my head trying to figure out about port forwarding.


    i've recently got myself a night unlimited package from mtnl and am getting pathetic download speeds in utorrent or any other torrent client.

    i found some info about port forwarding and how it can be used to speed up download rates.

    my problem:

    i have a desktop and a laptop connected. i'm using a Dlink DSL-502T modem to which i have a belkin wireless router connected. i have a desktop connected by lan and my laptop (which i want to configure for downloads) connected through wireless.

    the default gateway on my machine is (wireless router) whereas the mtnl gateway is

    can someone help me figure this out? am really looking forward to making the most of the night unlimited plan with utorrent!


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