Acerís president, Gianfranco Lanci has said in a statement that the technology is not mature and advance enough to make successful ultra mobile personal computers for the end consumer.

He said: ďThe technology available today is still not in our opinion what the customer needs.Ē The project was started by Microsoft and Intel in collaboration and it was codenamed Origami.

Since then, we have seen a couple of models from companies like the Samsung Q1 but they have failed to become bestsellers in the market.

Samsung is now scheduled to launch the next version of their Q1 named Q1 Ultra.

Acer said that one of the major problem areas for the UMPCs is the lack of battery life. Lanci said: ďIf you think about the ultramobile PC, you need first of all battery life that is like a telephone. With a telephone, you have 12 or 15 hours of battery life without a problem. We need to wait another 18 months or 24 months before this is ready.Ē