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Need help on choosing Reliance Wimax in Pune

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    Default Need help on choosing Reliance Wimax in Pune

    I am a little confused on whether to go for Reliance Wimax in my area. I stay in Pune(Sinchan nagar, Range Hill road, behind e-square).
    Reliance wireline postpaid tariff plans were really good hence I applied for a new connection through customer care. After 2 days the reliance guy called me up and said wired connection is not possible and you need to get Wimax. I asked him about the coverage/signal, he told me that there is one reliance wimax tower situated just above Pune central mall(near e-square) so no need to worry and also explained me about 600kbps for 1500Rs plan(multiuser).
    I told him that the plan looks costly as compared to BSNL ULD750(512kbps, 750Rs.). He told me that the BSNL plan which i was talking about is single user plan and their reliance wimax plan is a multi user plan hence its expensive.
    so based on this i got few questions -
    1. Has anybody from the same area got Reliance Wimax? How is the signal strength?
    2. If i get 600kbps plan, how will it make difference in terms of download speed(normal download as well torrent download) for single user and multiuser. Coz that guy told me that you will get download speed of 150KB/s with 600kbps plan. I really dont understand..
    3. What will be the download speed with 600kbps plan? Will it be straight 600/8 = 75KB/s or something else.
    4. Is 600kbps, 1500Rs/month really worth it?

    Lastly if Reliance BB plan doesn't work out for me, Please suggest me some good ISP in my area or nearby(local cable service is also doable) which will give me true unlimited download.

    looking forward for answers..

    Thanks in advance

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    Option 1:
    Better try BSNL land line based Broadband.
    Register here for a L/L and BB connection.
    Pay by Cheque ONLY to franchisee if he visits your house.
    Home 750 plans speed is now 1Mbps 6GB FUP speed thereafter 512 Kbps.
    Instructions for filling up:

    You can connect any number of systems in same location desktops/laptops /smartphones etc.
    After Initial installation you can avoid paying telephone Rental and avail free calls depending on Tariff plan.

    Option 2:
    Send an enquiry by logging in their website.
    Option 3:
    Cable Broadband:
    usually for a single system suitable.
    Option 4:
    Wifi based like Wimax
    USB datacard or 3G USBmodem try Bsnl/Airtel.

    Para two:
    Multi user/ single user: Reliance Wimax connects to ONLY one USER
    and also to one system only at the same time
    ( discussion in Reliance forum/s). Confirm wifi use for laptop.
    You are unlikely to share your WImax connection with your neighbors!!!
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    Thanks for your help essbebe. I think i will go for BSNL broadband now..
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    Quote Originally Posted by aviborde View Post
    Thanks for your help essbebe. I think i will go for BSNL broadband now..
    i am using wimax 1900 plan since a month and week... believe me its far better than bsnl or tikona or tata indicom (all i used till date)...

    since installation not a single time its down... for 1 mbps unlimited plan i am getting 100 KBps constantly...

    i use the connection in pimpale gurav, the tower is arnd 700 meters (air distance) from my place...

    i will suggest to consider 1900 (1MBps plan) than 1500 (600 KBps)....


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    The Reliance guy was telling you bull$hit. What does he mean by "single user" or "multi-user"? When we subscribe to any ISP for home use, it is always for use for the same subscriber (and his family). You cannot install the Wimax in your building and share it with all the residents of the building and just pay Rs. 600 or whatever per month (every one will have to pay Rs. 1500/pm in this case).

    As regards to BSNL UL-750 plan ... this is now renamed as ULD-750. The 'D' stands for "differental speed". The previous plan was 512 kbps unlimited. The plan has "fair usage" attached now. You get 1 mbps till 10 GB and 512 kbps after that. It is a much better plan than Reliance Wimax untill Reliance comes something better to match.

    As essbebe said, you can connect any number of machines to BSNL connection (as long as they are located in the same premise address). The internet speed will be divided between the machines.

    a) I stay in Pune also (near College of Agriculture). Your place of stay is far too much away from the Wimax tower. There are many tall buildings in the area that may impede the signals. But I cannot confirm that.
    b) Wimax speed depends upon signal strength, number of concurrent users, etc. I think you already know that.
    c) You cannot get 150 KBps with 600 kbps plan. You will get around 48 KBps at best.
    d) Paying Rs. 1500 (plus tax) for 600 kbps is far too expensive as compared to paying Rs. 750 (plus tax) for 1mbps.

    I will recommend BSNL anyday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pavan547 View Post
    since installation not a single time its down...
    Do let us know what happens when it breaks down. Does anyone ever turn up to fix it and do they adjust your bill to reflect the downtime. I agree that as long as its working it works great with excellent speed and what not but horror starts when something goes wrong and that's when you get to know what a company is like. Reliance customer care is non existent. I have experienced it first hand.

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