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Experience with Reliance Wirefree/WiMax broadband, Whitefield, Bangalore

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    Lightbulb Experience with Reliance Wirefree/WiMax broadband, Whitefield, Bangalore

    This is my first post on india proadband forum. This forum helped me earlier. So wanted to share my experience about Reliance Wirefree/Wimax connection.

    Its too early to make a comment on the quality, but I'll post my exact experience here.
    I applied for it 5 days back. One sales person came to my office to collect the docs and installation charges.
    He claimed that I would get the connection within the next 2 days. I didn't believe in him; quite obviously because that never happens. I got connected the very next day; by the evening I was doing well with my internet.

    My connection plan is 600 Kbps unlimited for 1500/-/month. I did about 10 tests on speedtest, and this is around what I got.


    You might notice, as I have, the upload speed is better. Although it averages to around 700 Kbps, if required it pushes it upto 1.2 Mbps.

    Ok, so after 2nd day, I wanted a wifi router.

    I went through the posts of this site and found two promising names: Linlsys W54RTG and Linksys WRT120N

    One of my colleagues suggested that I'd better off with a N router. He said the range would be more and all. So I looked for WRT120 N, and it was no where to be found; seemed like a hot cake. So I placed an order on flipkart for Linksys E900.

    Went though youtube for some setup videos and all. Seemed easy.

    In short what I did(exactly what the setup CD says).
    1) Powered up the router
    2) Turned on Wifi in my laptop
    3) Inserted the CD in my laptop and started setup.
    4) Followed the instruction.
    a) Connected the LAN cable from the antenna, through the adapter(yes they give an adapter), to the router(the yellow port).
    b) The setup said everything is configured except that I do not have Internet access.
    c) There is a button in the setup that says "Advanced settings"; clicked it. It took me to .
    d) During previous steps it asked for WPA security password; in this url, I used admin/<that password I chose> to login.
    e) In the basic settings page(the default page), I changed to Static IP from Dynamic. Provided the details like IP, Mask, Gateway, DNS1,2 etc. and by the bottom of the page hit Save settings.

    f) And I was connected to Internet. However, if it does not work. Do this:
    i> In, by the bottom of the page, you will find "Reboot", click it. The router would be rebooted.
    ii> Now switch off your laptop wifi, switch off your router. Start router, start wifi on laptop. Try again.

    Why I am using this Wirefree stuff?
    Yes, big question.
    I tried to go with wireline first; half the cost, double the speed and all other things. Tell you what, I don't have feasibility at my locality.
    I live(rented appartment) at Karumari Amman Temple Road, Whitefield, Bangalore.

    Why I chose Reliance?
    I am using Reliance Netconnect Broadband+ for two years. The best thing was, whenever I wanted to disconnect, they were ready to do that immediately. Good enough reason for me to stick to them.
    And then, I heard, and I repeat, I heard from this forum, form other places and all, that Tata Wimax has issues with VPN connectivity. So had to go with reliance.

    What are the services I am able to avail practically?
    1) Browsing
    2) VPN, Cisco. Very important for me.
    3) Torrent.

    I will be more than happy to tell you about any particular thing about the connection. Drop a comment, and I will comment back.

    Ankur Chakraborty

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    Hi Ankur,

    do you still live in Karumariamma temple st? I do like there now, and I am kinda much concerned about purchasing a broadband connection.

    Checked with airtel - no connectivity.

    I've been using the reliance dongle for over 2 yrs now, and kinda feeling to get a wireline connection, as I am not happy with the dongle's speed and performance.

    Are you sure that reliance broadband is up to the mark in karumariamma temple st?

    Can you share your contact # with me - I will give you a call.

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