If you have read my previous reviews you probably can expect what you can get from this! I am however going geto on this one. As you already know, opinions are like a**holes , everyone has one and they all stink, so please do not consider this as a war, but as an active(rather radical) suggestion. Parents please keep your children away from my reviews. Well from my point of view, how much substance does satyam have, is elaborated below:

1) The Name
Its a true fact but Satyam is a ISP giant, very well networked and good sources of internet. Has a good connection strength with North American and European servers ( which you won’t find in any other ISP’s). Eliminates the ’’red ping’’ disaster on int’l game servers.

2)Connectivity through Wireless Broadband Nonsense!
Wireless technology hasnt settled in india and is still currently very naive. Please do not get fooled by the ’’wireless’’ technology word. If you read their site about their explaination about wirless technology you would probably better understand what, where and how you are linked with the wireless technology.

Firstly, satyam uses really poor wireless receiving stations and transmitters , which conks off atleast 3rice in a month and you have to place repeated calls to the ISP. You are lucky if you get services from Satyam directly, as they have a good support. If you are provided sify broadband by a franchise, then god help you. I cant even slip in a prayer for you, as it is useless to do so.

Sataym normally recruits your local cable provider to provide internet to your home, at places they feel non-profitable, i think of them as a lazy bunch of greedy people who shudder from paying Rs.20-50 on good quality cat-5 cables . Well this has many disadvantages. First of all they connect the cable wire to a cable modem which is shared between 3-4 buldings atleast, which really sucks. The load on the cable modem is so much that you cant even share files with peace with your friends over the LAN.

Over that these speed-nazis limit and cap the lan services which will really infuriate you . However; if you get your net from satyam directly, life is much cooler..frankly speaking... as satyam has the best support which i have experienced with my journey through 20 broadband connections.

If you dont have a direct Sify broadband connection, dont waist your time getting this connection, because if you call up support they will be the least bothered to help you and route you to your local cable operators phone service desk(duh....do they have one?) , and you have to deal with them and your blood pressure!

I know a sify broadband franchise propreitor who deals in sify broadband and he told me that satyam doesnt support them to lay good quality cat-cables, and the not-so-rich and very non generous cable operators buy the cheapest cables which break quite often and have a lot of data loss , not to mention they serve as very tasty meals for your building rats, which you can notice it as you use the net connection.

3)Highly affordable - What crap?
I dont wanna re-iterrate the saga on using MB based packages. I have two words for these packages ’’Stone-Aged’’! Please, do not go for MB packages until and unless you need to do so, which i guess when you reach the peak of insanity and you are a germ to your society.

The macro and mico economics work very well in the starting and end with a disastrous recession. Hourly based packages are somewhat sensible. I would recommend in going for the unlimited if you can go for one. Dont care of the money, you will end up saving a lot more than what the other packages seem to be.

4)Super fast browsing speed - Yawn! (0)^(0)
If you are a dial-up person and moving to broadband you might feel somehwat amuzed, but i guess you will know the dirty side of broadband after some time. I guess at this stage everyone is familiar with the tricks played with ISP’s and their money hungry concept and services. All they do is increase the density of users and provide the same muddy pool for you to swim. All ISP’s provide more or less the same speed and nothing exceptional. So dont except some ravishing and nirvana-generating services from these people too.

Well thats all I have to say. Please post your comments and hope that in 20 years we all will be cussing ISP’s providing atleast 2mbps speeds! Hahaha....the day can come if you people can make a difference.