I am a subscriber of Sify broadband connection since past 4 months. Earlier in 2001 I had the Dial-up connection with Sify in Kanpur. Overall I was not a dissatisfied customer so, I went for Sify again.

Even now, I am happy with the connection speed and Sify customer care department(call center). I was given a compensatory pack from Sify everytime I asked for it when in need. But, I am totally dis-satisfied with the Sify business associates (local cable operators) in Paschim Vihar, New-Delhi.

It all started when I called Sify for a new connection in October 2005. I got the connection after almost 2 weeks from my local cable operator (Krishna Internet Services, Paschim Vihar, New-Delhi) after my registration with Sify. I was literally calling up the Sify agents everyday. They finally landed up after 2 weeks that too when I said thank you very much, I donít want a connection anymore! According to the linemen, they serve their existing customers 1st, then they go for new customers. I thought, may be I would be served better after becoming their regular customer (just a thought).

The day when they installed the connection, they asked me whether my computer had a LAN card or not! I already had a LAN card so, I had to pay 500/- less. But, my computer was not detecting the network. They tried to convince me that the LAN card was bad. As Ií m a student of hardware and also worked in that profile for sometime, I knew that my card was fine. Still I called the people from whom I purchased my computer. They verified that the LAN cardí s perfect. Then a person from Sify came who installed a fresh LAN card in my system in front of me after I asked him to. That card was also not detecting the network. So, finally they agreed that the node or port to which they connected the wire on the pole (router) was faulty. I guess, the linemen are experienced enough to know what they say & smart enough to fool innocent customers.

The next major encounter was, when I was out of town for about 2 weeks till 24th Jan 2005. My landlady informed me that somebody from Krishna Internet Services (local cable operator) came to take the payment for some renewal however, I made all the payments and also had the receipt and session details (online) to prove it. On 27th Jan 2005, somebody called Umesh & Naveen (lineman) from Krishna Internet again visited my place to take the payment for same renewal (which I never did). But, when I actually needed a renewal, they didní t do it as according to them, I owe them the payment for some package which is out of my knowledge. To prove them that I was not wrong I showed them the session details and sent them back. Inspite of that my connection was renewed after a week.

Its amazing, when I call them for some problem thatí s never done promptly. I had to chase them for days to get things done which they are supposed to do promptly. But, when its time to take the money they show a prompt response even though I dont owe them that payment. If I discontinue with Sify then Ií ll have to forget the initial payments made by me.

I spent 1500/- for installation & every month I am giving 100/- extra apart from the package charges, which are supposedly for maitenance. When I am paying the whole amount in advance isnít it my right to get the service completely? And is it not their duty to respond to customers immediately? Why should I pay the extra amount when I get no help from these people after shedding whole lot of my energy & money on phone? I am at loss of understanding, what could be their problem that does not get resolved and if they cant solve it immediately then they should also set proper expectations.

The most irritating part is, no one from the local cable operator picks up the mobile or land line phone most of the time. If I call from any other phone apart from my cell then they pick it up.

The funniest and weirdest part is, Krishna Internet Services has a different postal address on net and on the receipt. I am not sure which one is the right one.

Most recent incident is, there was no net connection in my area till a week back. They promised that it be fixed by the end of last to last week. The problem was there as they were changing the cables in that area. But, still there is no connectivity almost every night. Sometimes, it says cant connect to local network and sometimes the sify server is not reachable. I complained to Sify customer care yesterday (20th Mar) and they promised me that they would find a permanent solution to this. Lets hope for the best .