Hey there,
Sify I’d call is a bunch of quacks dacoits thiefs…I suggest a better way of doing business to Sify start begging.
False claims pathetic(words fail here use some superlative) customer service…we should sue rather sue these idiots for trial and tribulation they make us go through.
Feel like whipping myself for not guaging and falling a prey, its been almost one month my ordeal started I got a sify broadband installed…to my utter dismay it has worked just 3 days of this one month..
Trouble Shooting and BB101 is what I’ve paid for.
technician says “Sir lines are faulty beacuse of down pour” so that translates into net won’t work in rainy season.

Come summers their wires will melt and ateways will burn come winter they’ll have everything freezed.

i don’t remember I’ve ever cursed someone unless i feel I’ve been subjected to deliberate cheating.

Sify is well deservant of my curse …is someone listening…LETS SUE THEM drive them out of this nation