Once i use to browse in many browsing centres in salem where the loading speed is very low and now sify has provided a broadband connection which satifies all our needs
It is extremely very useful for students like me. They provide different type of membership cards.
Rs.30 for 1 hour with one-week validity.
Rs.50 for 2 hours with one-month validity.
Rs.100 for 4 hours with three-month validity and many more.

1) Sify Internet service is available at all-important places like railway stations and bus stands in the cities.
2) High speed
3) Personal account maintenance is also good.
4) Access ability throughout India

1) Some of the browsing centers where they have got sify connections have very old and bad hardware, which is a major problem. So,sify can concentrate o selecting the right browsing centers.
2) The charge is high.

One who wants to save time and money can go for sify membership.