I have been using Sify broadband connection for over 2months now. i subscribed to 64kbps family pack of 40 hrs and 2 months validity

The pack costs 800 Rs but my cable operator charges another 150-200 Rs per month as service charges.
So pay Rs 1100 for 2 months for 40 hrs. I donít know why Sify does not include the operator charges in the pack itself. I talked to Sify regarding this but of no use. Hence the pack pricing is quite deceptive.

Initially I was very happy as i used to get more than what they said......around 72-80 kbps all the time. After about 1 month, my bandwidth hardly crossess 56 kbps.....rarely reaches 64 kbps. it stays in 48 -56 kps range.. I heard this is a Sify policy ......perhaps to give better speed in the beginning but later reduce it....this has happened with others as well

Overall not a poor service but the I think Sify is playing dirty games

Also very bad customercare........the VRS asks to keep waiting for an average 10 mins...u keep on wasting telephone calls...takes a lot of time to talk to operator.