Software giant Microsoft is set to launch their Vista operating system for their corporate customers tomorrow.

They would be making available the business versions of its long-awaited Vista operating system to these customers.

Microsoft would also be launching the Office 2007 business applications software in addition to Vista tomorrow.

The wider launch is slated for January 30, 2007 when retail customers would be able to buy it off the shelves of retail stores.

The company had announced earlier this month that they had completed the work on Vista and it was ready for manufacturing.

Vista features many features, which would interest the corporate users. It comes with BitLocker technology, which encrypts data stored on computer hard drives. In addition, the corporate users would also benefit from enhanced administrative functions introduced in Vista operating system.

However, market analysts are claiming that few businesses would be interested in upgrading to Vista in the near future considering it would take some time to see how reliable and stable it really is.