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Configuring Wireless router with static ip provded by Tata Indicom Wimax

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    Exclamation Configuring Wireless router with static ip provded by Tata Indicom Wimax

    Hi Guys,

    I have a Tata Indicom wimax connection.

    I need to set up my linksys wireless router for home-wifi system to connect multiple latops. And for the same I ask Tata indicom customer care to provide me static ip.

    Now the problem is my Internet itself is not working with static ip. Do you know any reasons for the same ? Any such kind of experience?

    2nd, If the internet starts working how I need to configure my Linksys wireless router?


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    :4:Configure computer with XP to use a DHCP obtained IP address along with a static IP address at the same time?
    Configure your computer to use DHCP
    1.Right-click My Network Places and choose Properties.
    2.On the NIC that is (usually) labeled as Local Area Connection - right-click and choose Properties.
    3.Select TCP/IP (make sure you don't remove the check mark accidentally) and press the Properties button.
    4.Make sure you have "Obtain Automatically" selected.
    5.You can verify your settings by running ipconfig /all at a Command Prompt:
    Add a second (or third and so on), static, IP address
    1.Click Start and choose Run. Enter Regedit and press Enter.
    Note: On Windows 2000 and NT you need to run Regedt32 instead.
    2. Navigate to
    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Servic es\Tcpip\Parameters\Interfaces\{B003AD4A-B6DB-44FD-9741-CBA3C51B6498}
    (actual GUID of the NIC may vary, select the one that represents your own NIC (from step 2 above)
    3.Select the IPAddress key and double click it.
    4.In the Edit Multi String dialog box enter a second (and third and so on) IP address. Make sure you enter each IP on a separate line. Click Ok.
    5.Select the SubnetMask key and double click it.
    6.In the Edit Multi String dialog box enter a second (and third and so on) Subnet Mask. Make sure you enter each Subnet Mask on a separate line. Click Ok.
    7.Close the registry editor. Go back to your network properties, right-click your NIC and select Disable.
    8.Right-click your NIC and select Enable.
    9.Verify your settings by running ipconfig /all at a Command Prompt:
    WOW..its Done!
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    here is how u need to configue ur linksys router , i assume u have wrt54g2

    I used the 'post by resolve_broadband' to set-up my Linksys WRT54G2 router for Reliance Broadband Wi-max connection and it worked well, hopefully it will work for TATA wimax as well

    Thanks to resolve_broadband post..

    To summarize: (in non-tech jargon)

    Make sure that your Computer is configured with Dynamic IP.
    You can check this by going to Control Panel> Network > Local Area Connection > Properties > Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) > Properties > Select obtain IP address automatically.
    Now do the following:

    1. Connect the cable from WAN port (not the internet port)of the WRT54G2 to the Laptop LAN-port.
    2. On a fresh page (Mozilla or IE or Chrome), type page of the router) in address-bar.
    3. Login as admin(username)/admin(password) and Under Setup >>> Basic Setup ,Change the Local IP Address from to
    4. Under Setup >>> MAC Address Clone >>> Enable >>> Click “Clone your PC’s MAC” . Then Save settings.
    5. Connect the CABLE coming out of Reliance Modem to the Router Internet port.
    6. Wait for some 2-3 minutes.
    7. insert the CD provided with the router, once all is done, the CD will automatically load the LELA, u need to be paitent. The LELA tells u that the internet connection is restored, then the home page of LELA will open, just click on the home page, go wireless, it will automatically configure u system. Violla u are done.
    8. Open the page TATA wimax Homepage.

    All the Best...

    if u still have issues u can write to me at

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