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Wireless network for PSP

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    Default Wireless network for PSP

    Hi i bought my new Sony PSP 3004 last week. I need a good wireless internet for it
    Any idea how it can be connected to internet.

    The main purpose is for international calls using skype.

    If u guys can help me out with a good service provider and some plan charge details i would be thankful to u

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    In your PSP's network/wireless settings, you should have an option to either "Scan the network for wireless APs" or "Enter information about AP".
    There needs to be a Wireless Access Point(AP) in your vicinity to which you can connect.
    The Wireless networks usually have something called a SSID(i.e, name of the Wireless network) and a password. It's only if you have these that you can connect to an AP.
    And it's only after this that you can connected to the Internet.

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    Hi i need to connect internet to my PSP 3004, Please see below the items i have..

    1. BELKIN G wireless router( it has only Ethernet ports)
    2. PSP 3004
    3. i can buy a modem (plz tell the modem name)

    I dont have computer in my room(temporary place), so i want to connect to internet using my PSP.. do we have any ISP which provides internet / broadband to surf w/o a computer... ? Please help me.. Thanks in advance!

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