hi i had reliance wimax connection in bangalore provided with telsima starmax 2100 hardware.
now am planning to configure the same hardware to tata indicom in bangalore.
how can i do this?
i already replaced the reliance scanner channels with tata indicom scanner channels,
i am getting full signal but all scanner channels are showing status as NA. how can i get OPER insted of NA?
after rebooting the router along with indicom scanner channels am getting old scanner chanels of reliance.
apart from scanner channels is there any thing else i need to change to configure my router to tata indicom.
ple help

my current router settings with reliaance settings are as follows
configure ip ftp username root
configure ip ftp password password
configure user password root 6c684ee7e13a45ce6c
configure user password support f85d86b51d5daf
configure ntp server
configure ip address
configure interface phy LinkAdaptationDl automatic
configure interface phy LinkAdaptationDl protection 2
configure interface phy LinkAdaptationDl hysteresis 4
configure interface phy link-adaptation alpha-filter
configure interface phy link-adaptation switch-mode fch
configure interface phy link-adaptation cinr-distribution hysteresis 1
configure interface phy link-adaptation cinr-distribution protection 1
configure interface phy link-adaptation cinr-distribution threshold 1
configure interface phy link-adaptation cinr-distribution window 30
configure interface phy link-adaptation cinr-distribution switch-mode fch
configure dhcp-opt-50 disable
configure snmp-server-community-ss public private
configure snmp-server-community public ro
configure snmp-server-community private rw
configure beeper aat_done 1
configure beeper mode 0
configure home-zone enable
configure nat global-address-mode static
configure nat 1-N global-ip-address
configure nat 1-N global-ip-netmask
configure nat 1-N global-ip-gateway
configure nat 1-N global-dns-ip-address
configure nat dhcp-lease-time 24:0:0
configure interface ethernet powerdownmode disable
configure sub-channelization enable
configure bcs cinr-avg-time 5
configure bs connect_mode auto
configure home-zone maxsectors 1
configure bs add 3390000 3000 bs4
configure bs add 3387000 3000 bs2
configure bs add 3337000 3000 bs1
configure bs add 3340000 3000 bs3
configure bs add 3309000 3000 Freq7
configure bs add 3312000 3000 Freq8
configure bs add 3359000 3000 Freq9
configure bs add 3362000 3000 Freq10

wat r the changes i need to make in the above configuration to convert it to indicom

indicom scanner channels i replaced with are

bs1 3316000 3000
bs2 3366000 3000
bs3 3319000 3000
bs4 3369000 3000

please help