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Tata Indicomm Broadband - Disgrace & Pathetic

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    Absolutely pathetic customer service. Poor speeds and frequent connectivity problems. No one in customer care has a clue as to how to talk to a customer and no technical knowledge. Sincerely do not recommended Tata Indicomm Broadband at all based on my harrowing experience in spite of being a long standing customer for over 9 years. Threatening to disconnect my connection in spite of having more than RS 4000 credit balance. Requested to terminate my account on 31st December but pre-maturely disconnected on 29th. Was not able to back up my mails & contacts. Even the so called senior managers are least bothered to address the issue especially if it comes from a long standing customer. No acknowledgment or replies personally from Customer care managers. These people are ruining the very name of TATA. Absolutely pathetic & disgraceful.

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    You are true, the customer service is the worst in Tata photon they are nuesense they dont no how to act and solve the problems, they dont have technical personnel to solve your problems. they must shut there offices in bangalore and go back to Gujrat and Mumbai.

    They are bulshit, as a long standing customer (call me a victim) suffering from nonesence promises and they are not fixing the simple connection problem since a month and I paid the service charges. If they are not capable they must refund the money immediately to its customers and wind up from the state of Karnataka immediately, these beggers are making money and not giving the worth of it.

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