I am writting this with great frustration, being harrassed by TATA INDICOM Broadband people again and again.
I am Sandeep from Bangalore. I met "Mr Narsimha" from TATA INDICOM Broadband sales team on 29 April and he made a lot of promisses regarding their excellent services.
I took the TATA INDICOM Broadband connection on 30 April 2012. And from that day there has not been a single day when the internet has worked properly.

--> The next day itself internet not working properly , engineer came and said some configuration was not proper.
--> Next day internet didn't worked for 4,5 hours. I was told server is down.For 2,3 days the same problem happened and the response was same.
--> After 6,7 days i was not able to connect to internet for almost a day. I was told there is a propblem in server and it will be solved with in hours . When that also not happened I called there engineer his name is "Ramanna", he gave a lame excuse that there is a problem in browser(IE,Firefox). When I was not convinced by this he said he will bring his laptop and come back in 30 mins. he came next day when I escalated the issue to his Manager "Ravi".The next day he did some thing and Internet was running.
--> I am writting this on 12 May 2012 , from last 2 days I am not able to connect to internet. First excuse given to me was server is down, than some configuration issue and than the reciever is not working prperly.so they have to change it.When I said it is not my problem you change it now , the engineer "Mallapa" said its not his problem too. His manager "Ravi" said tomorrow early morning we will do that . its evening I am still waiting for them.

My serious advice dont go for TATA INDICOM Broadband connection. Be aware of Mr Narsimha,Ravi,Ramanna,Mallapa . Since you will pay for whole month but the internet will only work 15 days.

Sandeep Dwivedi