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Tata Indicom :p Broadband STATIC IP Linksys WRT54G Braodband Router

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    Lightbulb Tata Indicom :p Broadband STATIC IP Linksys WRT54G Braodband Router

    I was struggling a lot with configering my Linksys Broadband Router with Tata Indicom. I use to put CD and was trying to connect as explainted in seup CD. Ithnik there is a simple problem which is complicated by setup problem.

    Step 1) Follow the procedure as given by the setup cd as per wiring connection like Internet cable and Lan cable.

    Step 2) go to web browser and then hit

    now go to the 'basic setup' / default page where it says 'Local IP address' that is nothing but you routers IP address. change it to from default hit save settings. PLEASE NOTE THAT WHEN YOU WANT TO ACESS YOUR ROUTER YOU HAVE TO TYPE write this IP somewhere easy to remember!

    Now just follow the setup 8. At step 8 keep it repeating 2-3 times. once it shows the network name in your system disconnect the LAN cable. Now you are able to acess the network wirelessly.

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    Default Tata Indicom broadband and linksys router not connecting

    me as well as the tata indicom engineer have failed to figure out whats wrong.

    1. I have a tata indicom broadband connection with a static ip. an ethernet cable is used to plug into my laptop and on going to tata indicom site i had to give the user name and password and i would be online.

    2. i bought wireless lynksys router. went through the steps . chose static ip. keyed in local ip which is the static ip given by tata indicom. then put the router ip which is and then enabled DHCP.

    3. The connection of both wireless and lan in my lap top is showing full speed but i cannot access the net from the laptop.

    i dont know whats wrong. can any one help please

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    Default Tata Indicom Broadband

    Dear Shamik, I am sure that Tata Indi guy must have checked it for troubleshooting by directly connecting the connection by CAT cable and you are able to use internet with wired connection.

    I suggest following steps:

    1) Please check the IP address of ADSL router. It should not fall in DHCP range of WRT54G router.

    2) Make sure initially you remove all the security, if you use any WEP authentication. (As you can creat passkey 64/128 bit afterwords)

    3) From experiance I will suggest you to call Tata Indicom Call center and obtain the Internet, IP subnet mask and Gateway addresses, Ithink they sometimes change it and engineer never knows about it. (i have done the same the engineer point blank refused to set it up for me)

    4) In the network setup check the DHCP range as I mentioned it earlier it should not fall in range of router IP

    5) Disable any other extra security like Mac Adress Cloning, Filters and advance wireless settings.

    It took me 2 days to figure it out... one suggestions try to go through blogs... or email me prashant.chan(at the rate) (Sorry for avoiding fishing of email ID) I will send you PPT i have for setting up WRT54G.
    I have one laptop and 1 desktop. Laptop has build in Wifi while for desktop i have purchased on network access bridge. All wireless.... WRT54G is relatively easy to seup if you follow all the instruction carefully given in setup CD.

    Hope it works for you..keeping my fingures crossed

    All the Best,

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