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Tikona Wifi Setup for Binatone DT 845W ADSL2 Router

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    Default Tikona Wifi Setup for Binatone DT 845W ADSL2 Router

    Hi, I have been trying to get the wifi working on my Tikona Internet Connection (Wired on RJ45 to Antenna) without any success.

    The internet works fine when I connect to the router via LAN cable, but some how it never works on wifi.

    I have attached the screen caps of the settings of the WIFI Router.


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    Its your lucky day today Two years later, here is your reply even though I highly doubt that you are still waiting for one. It would help others though

    There is no easy way of using an adsl modem with a built in wifi router as a stand alone router unless the manufacturer creates a functionality on the firmware that comes wiht it but this one is not one of those.

    Get a Rs700-800 wifi router and use it with Tikona.

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    I doubt about Tikonas connection being configured in a router. Tikona usually supplies their own router (with heavy restrictions). Configuring a new router is impossible as per their 'policies' and the customer care team is so skilled that they will eat your brain!!
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