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    Default Offers Unlimited Video Game Rentals For Major Gaming Systems Offers Unlimited Video Game Rentals For Major Gaming Systems
    After years of paying too much for quickly-outdated video games, thousands of electronic gamers have finally discovered a new option. Through the innovative video game rental company Gamma Gamer, one of the largest game rental companies on the Web, users can now borrow an unlimited number of video games from their homes without breaking the bank or even leaving home.
    The process is simple and it’s easy to get started. Members have a choice of two subscription plans: they can either choose to receive a single game at a time for $14.99 per month or choose to receive two games at a time for $19.99 per month. There are no time limits or late fees on rentals, and members pay no extra costs for shipping and handling.
    Once registered, members simply select the game or games they want to rent, submit their orders, and receive their games in the mail within a week or less, with a pre-paid return envelope included.
    Desmynd Costin, the founder of Gamma Gamer, said the rental system is a great alternative for gamers who normally spend bundles purchasing video game software only to find that when they attempt to trade used games in for new ones, the games’ values have decreased dramatically.
    “It doesn’t matter how good the condition of a game is or how long the game was held, you always seem to get back only a small portion of what is paid,” said Costin. “Through Gamma Gamer, members don’t have to purchase a game; instead they can rent a game for as long as they want without losing any money from devalued trade-ins or worrying about rental late fees.”
    To simplify the renting process and ensure users can use the site efficiently, the rental system includes a “game log,” in which users can store a list of the games they would like to rent in order of preference. Gamma Gamer will send the first game stored in the game log, and once that game is returned in the pre-paid envelope provided, the next available game in the game log will be sent immediately.
    Gamma Gamer’s wide selection includes games of all genres suited to a variety of age groups and tastes. The site offers games for popular systems including Xbox, Xbox 360, Sony PlayStation 2, PSP, Game Cube, GBA and Nintendo DS. Gamma Gamer will also carry games for Sony PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii video game systems when they are released this fall.
    Users who visit the site and sign up now can take advantage of a free seven-day trial period, during which they can test out the service and get a feel for the site.
    To find out more about the site or to sign up for the free trial, users can visit

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    Default is this available in india?

    is this available in india?

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    In the Contact Us Page :-

    Gamma Gamer

    P.O. Box 480

    New Hyde Park, NY 11040

    >> Bad Luck Bro

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    Good offer by gamma gamer they should also open their branches.

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    Default Found a site for india

    Hi i found a site for india for renting games called
    has any one ever used it.
    Looks good to me

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